For the Custom Report Generator, is there a report you have not received?

There are a few things you can do to see if the problem is the report, email, or setup…

  • Does the username have an & (ampersand) in it?  If so, scheduled reports under a username that includes an & will not run.  The back end process uses the & as a reserved character.  You will have to create the scheduled report under a username without the &.
  • Is the report for a long date range?  or;
  • Is the report for many account codes?
    • If so, the report may be too large to email.  Try running the report and send it to the archives, or run it for a shorter date range.
  • Have you checked your spam folder?   The emails are sent from [email protected].  Check for any emails from this email address, it could be in your spam folder, or you may have a filter setup to go to a specific folder.
  • Have you tried running the report and receiving it in the Archives?  If you do receive the report in archives, you know the report will run.  Check the file size of the report.  It could be over 10 MB which is a common maximum size to receive emails up to.
  • Have you tried all of the above, and still not received the report?  If so, please open a work order including all the details as per below.

Checklist for submitting a work order:

  • Username – include the MT Direct username for the user who is having issues.
  • Menus selected – include the top menu and side menu that were clicked to get to where you had issues.
  • Steps to reproduce the error/issue (include details that were entered and the error message if there is one)
  • Observed behaviour – include details of what’s happening
  • Expected behaviour  – include details of what you expected to happen
  • Email address – include the email address that the report should be sent to.
  • Print screens (use Alt+PrtScn)