If you are getting the error message “Account Locked.”, it is because you have tried an incorrect password 7 times.

Users can attempt to log in six (6) times with the wrong password.  On the next attempt, if the password is not correct, they will be locked out.  Upon lockout, users will see the message “Account Locked” on the login page.

If you are an employee, trying to access your MT Direct account, please open a work order indicating your “MT Direct account has been locked”.

If a customer is getting this message, Sales users and Customer Administrators can reset the lockout.  See details below on how to unlock a user.

To Unlock a User:

Sales users and Customer Administrators can reset the lockout by going to the Administration top menu, then List/Edit Users.  See the print screen below on how to identify a locked out user.  Either the Failed Attempts will be 6 and/or the Lock/Unlock account will show “Locked”:

To unlock the user, either:

A) Click the username, and then click the “Unlock Account” button (see print screen below).  Voila, the user is now unlocked, and can attempt to login again.


B) Click the username and click Lock Account, then when the page refreshes, click Unlock Account.