If you are getting the error message “The origin city or province/state is invalid” or  “The destination city or province/state is invalid”, it is either because the city, province and postal code combination are not correct or the combination is not in our points file.

You should test this two ways …

1) Verify through Canada Post that the address is valid.

a) Go to this url and do a reverse postal code lookup: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/fpc/personal/findAnAddress?execution=e2s1

b) Go to this url and look up by address to find a postal code: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/postalcode/fpc.jsf?LOCALE=en

2) Check to see what we have in our points file for a valid city, province, postal code combination

a) From the attention key window (ESC), go to ETA Calculator, option #20.

b) Enter the city, wtih a question mark at the end, and the province, then press enter. You will get a list of cities that match what you have been searching for. This will show you what we have in the system:

Once you know the postal code is valid and you are using the correct city and province, and you have checked the points file to verify there is no city, province, postal code combination, then you will need to contact Laurie Morrow to let her know the points file needs updated. Provide her as much deail as possible. The city, province, postal code combination, and a print screen showing that Canada Post does have this on file.  Laurie will have the points file updated.

The print screen will look similar to the one below: