Step 1

Under the top menu “Administration”, click on List/Edit Users.

By default, the grid will show you users who have logged in in the last 6 months.  To see all users you have access to, click “Show or Hide Search” and click the “Search” button.  Alternatively, if you know the first or last name, etc, you could enter it before clicking “Search”.

Once the grid returns, click on the user name in the list to edit it.

Step 2

If you don’t see the user, the next step is to see if there is a customer already setup.  See FAQ – How do I set up a customer in MT direct? –

If the customer exists, and you don’t have access to the customer, request access by opening a work order.

Then, once you have access to the customer, check again for the user and unlock the account, change the password, etc.