1. Check to see if the customer is already setup by clicking on List Customers (1).
    • If customer does not exist:
      Create a new customer by clicking on Add Customers (2), and enter the required information. Then edit the customer by clicking on Edit Customers (3) and selecting the newly created customer and adding the proper accounts to that customer. Continue to step 2.
    • If customer exists:
      Verify accounts by clicking on the Customer in the list. The accounts are listed in the drop-down box. If the account required is not in the list, then you will need to click on Edit Customers (3). You will only have access to edit your own customers. If you need to add an account to a customer, and do not have access, please open a work order indicating your username and that you need access to Customer [ABC Company] Account [0012345].
  2. Create new User
    Click on Add Users (4), and enter all the appropriate information.