Message Central

  • is related to an MT Direct username
  • can be scheduled for a specific time frame, for one pro, or for all pros
  • notifications can be received by email, or in Message Central (view-able on MT Direct), or both
  • subscriptions are setup for either Rescheduled or Delivery Statuses
  • this is an example of an email from Message Central:

Late Delivery Notifications
  • are requested by customers for a specific account code
  • are emailed
  • are setup by Customer Service
  • can be setup to phone or email
  • are not related to an MT Direct user/profile
  • For further information, please consult the QPM.  Section: LATE NOTIFICATIONS
  • When an email for Late Delivery Notification is sent out, it will be recorded in the probill F10 screen (example in red box below)

This is an example of a Late Delivery Notification email: