Are you getting this message when requesting an Online Quote?

If so, there could be many reasons why.  Often times there are particular details regarding a quote that an actual one shots clerk will need to verify, and as such, an automated quote will not be generated.  These controls are here to ensure we do not quote services that we cannot perform.  Here are some examples that will require manual intervention:

  1. Long freight (over 15’ in length) – equipment must be confirmed.
  2. Flat deck delivery or pick up equipment is not available at every terminal, so equipment availability needs to be checked to provide a quote.
  3. A single piece of freight over 4,000 lbs. Tailgates cannot handle this heavy freight.
  4. Some indirect points cannot be rated automatically.

Follow either:

Step #1 – Click the Rate Quote button to send the details that have already been filled out to One Shots (preferred) or,

Step #2 – Call One Shots at 1-800-265-1485 ext 82300.

Please Note, if you have questions as to why a quote was not automatically provided, please call the One Shots Department.