Does your customer have a list of contacts they would like uploaded to MT Direct for using the “Pick List” in any of the following portlets?

  • Online Pickups,
  • Rapid BOL, or
  • Labels

If so, we can upload their contacts, provided the data is formatted as set out below:

The file must be a CSV file.  Attached is an example of the file layout your customer will need to supply us with, in order to have the contacts imported.

Each column represents a field in the file that the data will be mapped to, and each column has a maximum length.

Column A 
– MT Direct Company, this will almost always be “MANITOULIN”, unless it’s for another Manitoulin Company, for example TANDEM
– Max 20 characters

Column B 
– MT Direct Username, username of the user who will have access to these contacts.
– Max 20 characters

Column C 
– Customer Account, the account setup in MT Direct where the user, in Column B, will have access to the contacts.
– Max 7 digits, zero padded (leading zeros for any account that is not already 7 characters, eg:  0017205 is zero padded).

Column D 
– Where MT Direct User is the Shipper(S), Consignee (C) or Third Party (T)
– Max 1 character

Column E 
– Manitoulin Account Code for the Company in Column F.  This can be blank, if unknown.
– Max 7 digits, zero padded (leading zeros for any account that is not already 7 characters, eg:  0017205 is zero padded).

Column F 
– Company Name  for the Shipper, Consignee, or Third Party.
– Max 30 characters

Column G 
– Address
– Max 30 characters

Column H 
– City
– Max 35 characters

Column I 
– Province (2 character code)
– Max 2 characters

Column J 
– Postal Code
– Max 6 characters

Column K 
– Contact Customer Type S=Shipper, C=Consignee, T=Third Party
– Max 1 character

Column L 
– Contact Name
– Max 30 characters

Column M 
– Contact Phone #
– Max 11 digits

NOTE:  – Because this file is a csv (comma separated file), do not use any comma’s in any value supplied, or the import will not work.
– username must be in proper case.  (lowercase)
– Postal Codes can not contain spaces.  They must be only 6 characters
– Provinces must be the 2 character code.
– Ensure that the length of the Company Name and Address adhere to the length allowed in the database.

If the file supplied does not import correctly, you will be responsible for updating the file according to the specified requirements above.