Hello All,

On May 3rd 2021 Manitoulin Group of Companies introduced the Phish Alert Button (PAB) as a tool to help mitigate cyber risk and threats and since then over 10,000 phishing emails have been reported with many noted as being high risk threats to MGC.

In light of the positive impacts the PAB is bringing to MGC, We are making it even easier to have the Phish Alert Button (PAB) installed. The new Phish Alert Button is Gmail mobile compatible and works across multiple browsers.

This new feature has been deployed automatically to all users leveraging email services.

To use the PAB add-on in your online inbox, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open an email and click on the PAB icon in the add-on menu.

    Make sure to use the PAB icon found in the add-on menu in your Google inbox. It is the phish hook icon located on the right side of your Google inbox.
  2. Click the blue Phish Alert button to report the email.
    Click the blue Phishing Alert button
  3. Once the confirmation message appears, click the back arrow to go back to your inbox. Please note that the email will be moved to the Trash folder once you report the email.

If you don’t see the , refresh your gmail browser page, if it doesn’t appear then look down to the bottom right of your Gmail window and look for the crescent button with an arrow pointing to the left as shown below.

See more details of How Do I Use the PAB attached

Please click this button whenever you receive a suspicious or potentially dangerous email.

Upon clicking, the email will be deleted from your inbox and forwarded to our Security Risk Management team for analysis immediately.

Visit the ITportal FAQ page under IT security menu for more information